Superior Double Room in the Yard (no.1)


This unique room used to be the old stable where the horses of the family were kept. With an immediate access to our inner courtyard this room is ideal for those that prefer to stay grounded and close to our plants. We chose granite-like tiles for the floor to enhance this feeling.


superior double

The window to the alley, a common architectural element of the old town and an integral part of the social life of all the old town citizens, will let you experience the atmosphere of living as the natives have been living for centuries.


superior double in the garden

This unique garden room is also ideal for people that would like to avoid the staircase access to the rest of the rooms that lie on the first floor and would prefer an immediate access to the room.

King size bed
Boiler and Espresso machine
WiFi Internet
Organic bath products
Free locally sourced minibar